Useless Objects

Snooping Into Natural, Or Not, Curiosities Could Be Usephul For Your Phantasy

Panpsychism - Πανψυχισμός


FOR MAXIMUM SAFETY; All our posted packages and all items are sprayed with the strongest known natural oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Blossom, Laurel, Hyacinth, Thyme and a drop of Propolis -created by bees- which contains Flavonoids and Anthocyanidines (which also repairs damaged and irradiated cells). These are the strongest antibacterial antiviral & antifungal + more known to men for thousands of years. Imagine only that Propolis cures more than 2500 skin and other diseases even if you smell it around you. "Propolis" is a Hellenic word that correctly translated "Before The City" meaning a secure protective front at the gates of the city, meaning your body, that is why bees placed at the entrance of the hive. Imagine that if you cover with Propolis a dead animal it will never rot, that is why in Egypt they used mixed with some other oils to cover the mummies! All information you read above are not myths but knowledge and reality hidden.



Tourmaline Black Natural Shape - Price 23,00€



Pink Quartz Natural Shape - Price 26,00 €



Amazonite - Αμαζονίτης - Price 150,00 €



Calcite Light Blue - Καλσίτης ή Ασβεστίτης Γαλανός / Γαλάζιος - Price 45,00 €



Hematite Magnetic - Αιματίτης Μαγνητικός - 6,00 €



Iaspis - Ίασπiς - 7,00 €



Glass Pyramid - Price 10,00 €



Glass Sphere - Price 10,00 €



Malachite of Madagascar - Price 27,00 €



Smoked Quarz (Black Transparent, very clean) Brazilian (We can see inside something like a small galaxy) - 40,00 €